Oct 172014

In celebration of their 10th year in the rock and roll / punk rock scene, The Silver Shine’s new studio album just released by GrundRecords titled “Vintage Punk Rock And Roll”. This CD is a respectful tribute to The Silver Shine’s influences as 9 of the 10 cuts are covers of old rock and roll, blues, and punk rock songs. The new album features The Silver Shine’s take on the classic a cappella tune “Mercedes Benz,” made famous by Janis Joplin plus songs by Social Distortion, Ike and Tina Turner, Ramones, Muddy Waters – Ann Cole, Motorhead, Billy Joel, The Distillers, The Collins Kids and it includes a brand new Silver Shine song also. Ten tracks like in the good old days of vinyl albums. Rock and roll albums are not made to be long.

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Sep 232014


Here are the first dates of The Silver Shine’s 10 year anniversary tour.
SPAIN, here we come!!!!

26 September – The Cure Antidisco (Alicante)
27 September – El Limite (Vilafranca, Badajoz)
28 September – El Gran Café (León)
29 September – Nave Bunker (Salamanca)
30 September – Scandalo Club (Zamora)
1 October – Sweet 01 (Gijon)
2 October – Café Cultura Auriense (Orense)
3 October – Ambigu Axerquia (Cordoba)
4 October – King Creole (Estepona, Malaga)
5 October – La Edad de Oro (Valencia)
6 October – DAY OFF!
7 October – DAY OFF!
8 October – La Boveda (Zaragoza)
9 October – Fraga (Huesca)
10 October – DAY OFF!
11 October – Crazy Horse (Huesca)

SPAIN, here we come!!!!

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Sep 112014

http://www.thesilvershine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/TSSfront2014-600x600.jpgRelease date of the new Silver Shine album is  1st of October, 2014. “Vintage Punk Rock And Roll” is the album title and you can get the CD version from GrundRecords or you can download the digital version from iTunes, Amazon, etc.

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